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Ask me anything & expect an answer based on my long-lasting experience in life & my unique Perception of things.

But Guess whats gonna happen if I don’t have an answer for your question?

I’ll simply dedicate my consciousness, subconsciousness & unconsciousness to find the answer to that question, and when I do,  we are gonna progress together,  and I’m gonna have you to thank for bringing that up, to a person like myself, cuz I spend 80% of my time learning and finding answers to questions.

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2 thoughts on “ASK ME ANYTHING

    • Farjani means from Farjana (Prononciated Farkhana in Spanish) and Farjana is a place in North Morocco from where my Grandpa left, his family name used to be Zeryouh (a Rich and Powerful family in that area), they supported Spain at the time, Grandpa used to be a high grade military in the Spanish Army, and then decided to Fight for the Moroccan’s Independence Army, then he married my Grandma, who is from a different area called (lKsar lKbir), against his family’s approval, so he changed his last name to Farjani, not to take part of his family’s will but also to keep a name that is relevant to the place he was from.

      If this is not exactly what happened, this is my version of the story, as per what I had the chance to grab from here and there.
      My late Grandpa’s full name is : Said Farjani, may he rest in peace.

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